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Asus X441BA-14" 4GB RAM, 500GB HD Win 10 Home  
special price $349
 (Posted: 10/30/19)


        "I'm very happy with the new computer I bought from you recently and I apprieciate the excellent and generous follow-up service you have provided."

Thank you!    
          John Rosheim   

        "Most of the time when you hear from a customer like me it is because there is some sort of problem with the computer.  But not this time -- because I don't have any computer problem.  You fixed them! My computer worked perfectly (and fast!) since I got it back from you two weeks ago.  It'sa great relief!
        So, Thank you very much."

your customer,    
Julian Nadel    

        "I would like to take a moment to say thank you! for hard work in repairing my computer. I really appreciate the time and effort you gave to get me up and running again."

Lisa Harbin